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10 best sites for Russian dating

10 best sites for Russian dating
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In the article about Russian dating, we will tell you about the 10 best sites for dating Russian girls.
My name is Anastasia Petrova. I am an expert in Russian dating. I apologize for any mistakes in the text. This language is not my native language. Hope this article is helpful to you.

10 best sites for Russian dating

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Free-Russian-Dating.NET (Оценка: 9,93 из 10)

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Free premium site since 1999 specializing in dating Russian girls. Only the most beautiful girls. All single Russian girls are checked by passports, which excludes the presence of inaccurate profiles. Free translator, games, psychological tests. There are more than 10 million female profiles on the site.


WikiDating.ru (Оценка: 9,88 из 10)

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The site has been operating since 2000. The main activity: dating men from other countries with girls from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.


Rusdate.net (Оценка: 9,85 из 10)

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Free dating site with single Russian girls. The site can communicate through video messages, text and voice messages. All girls undergo a quality check. There are no false profiles on the site.


Loveplanet.ru (Оценка: 9,62 из 10)

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One of the most famous Russian dating sites. The audience is over 15 million people a month. Convenient search, a large number of profiles.


Lovemage.ru (Оценка: 9,53 из 10)

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Reliable free Russian dating site. More than 3 million profiles of girls from Russia and Ukraine. Good search, photo contests. 24/7 support service.


Mamba.ru (Оценка: 9,34 из 10)

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Russian portal for finding a couple, friends, partners for sports and travel. 30 million users. Convenient search. Qualitative check of the questionnaires.


Badoo.com (Оценка: 7,57 из 10)

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International social network for dating. More than 15 million single Russian girl.


Coomeet.com (Оценка: 9,34 из 10)

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Video chat for dating Russian girls. Year of foundation: 2011. More than 6 million monthly active users. A lot of beautiful girls. Convenient search. Many languages for communication.


Russiancupid.com (Оценка: 8,75 из 10)

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American site for dating Russian girls. Over 20 years of experience. Simple registration. Convenient chat. Free to use for girls. For men, the site is paid.


Russian-dating.com (Оценка: 7,57 из 10)

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Russian dating site. The service has 5 language versions. Year of foundation: 2010. More than 1 million profiles of Russian girls.

Beautiful Russian girls

Elizaveta, 25 y.o., Russia, Moscow, 50kg, 165cm Marina, 35 y.o., Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 165cm
Valentina, 28 y.o., Ukraine, Dnipr, 64kg, 168cm Darya, 28 y.o., Russia, Moscow, 48kg, 165cm
Olga, 35 y.o., Russia, Vologda, 61kg, 170cm Karina, 24 y.o., Russia, Rostov-on-Don, 45kg, 160cm

Olesya, 29 y.o., Russia, Moscow, 54kg, 170cm

Diana, 23 y.o., Ukraine, Kyiv, 54kg, 173cm
Tina, 28 y.o., Ukraine, Donetsk, 54kg, 168cm Ekaterina, 22 y.o., Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 57kg, 160cm

Russian dating: why are Russian girls the best?

Girls from Russia are good wives. There is a lot of evidence for this fact:
Russian brides are distinguished by their sincerity. Russian women don’t like to show false feelings. They know how to love deeply and constantly take care of their family. The husband becomes for her the closest and most beloved person. She gives him affection, care and constant support.
Russian wives are ready for the hardships of life. They are not afraid of moving to another country. They are not afraid of financial problems or lack of stable work. The girls hope for good prospects after moving abroad.
Russian dating

Russian dating

Russian single women take care of their appearance. Men from other countries appreciate the neat appearance of Russian women. Their beauty is recognized all over the world. Becoming the husband of such a girl is a great success.
Russian women have moderate needs. They do not scandal and do not require much attention to themselves. Marriage with a man from another country becomes their best reward.
Russian women are distinguished by their relaxed behavior. They are ready to experiment with their husband.
Russian single women become submissive wives. They are not trying to become the head of the family. The husband is responsible for the family. These qualities are especially appreciated by Turkish men. Matriarchy in Turkey is quite rare.
Girls from Russia have wisdom. They know how to easily get out of conflict situations. A Russian woman knows how to listen to her husband’s opinion and give useful advice.

Why do foreigners love Russian women?

In inter-ethnic marriages, the focus is on personal qualities. The issue of nationality goes into second place. Russian girls have many valuable qualities. This helps them get married and move to live abroad.

What men from other countries expect from Russian dating:

  1. Non-Russian men dream of a beautiful wife. Russian girls take care of their appearance. They can wear the best dress and make up for the trip to the nearest store. The future husband will definitely appreciate it.
  2. Grooms dream of affectionate brides. Girls in Russia extol the status of non-Russian men. They treat them with special affection. Their compatriots rarely receive such attention.
  3. Most often, foreign men are looking for Russian single women of childbearing age. Brides between the ages of 20 and 40 are especially popular. Ladies over 50 years old also quite often enter into interethnic marriages.

Advantages of Russian dating

Men from other countries do not like long courtship. They dream to quickly start a family and have children. This attitude is most often demonstrated by Italians, Serbs, French and Turks.
Women from European countries do not support such a desire. They are career oriented. The creation of a family and the birth of children is planned for a later period. Men don’t want to wait that long. The problem is solved when creating an interethnic marriage. Russian dating is often focused on a serious relationship. Russian women happily marry, move abroad and give birth to children. They agree to get married as soon as possible. It can take only a few months from the moment of meeting to the wedding.
Women from Russia become good housewives and caring mothers. They cook well, are good at keeping order and look after all family members.

TOP 5 sites for Russian dating

Modern dating sites help to find a bride from Russia. This method has long been proven to be effective. The success of the search will depend on the mood of the man and the reliability of the dating site. The user must take into account all the parameters of the service at once. A careful study of the information about the dating site will avoid the trouble.


Free-Russian-Dating.NET is one of the best Russian dating sites. Experts and users alike praised his level of performance. The service was created in 1999.
Free-russian-dating.net advantages:
  • A huge number of users from different countries are registered here. There are many profiles from girls from Russia. Many brides are in the mood for a serious relationship.
  • Free site.
  • Brides and grooms provide passport data to the site administrator.
  • The site is presented in 17 languages ​​of the world.
  • There are many positive reviews about the service.
  • The profiles of new users are checked manually by moderators.
  • Strict adherence to security measures. A thorough check of the information from the questionnaire is carried out. The correspondence between the photo and the country of residence is established.
  • An extended list of site features: free registration, search with specific parameters, the presence of an online translator, built-in games, access to the news feed, the ability to pass psychological tests, etc.
  • The support service works online.
  • Restricting access to personal profile data.
  • The ability to communicate in audio and video chat.
  • Search for a bride according to personal preferences: appearance, age, level of material security, having children, hobbies, etc.
  • The project administrators regularly organize contests and quizzes.
  • Availability of a mobile version. A man will be able to search for a bride from Russia using a computer, phone or tablet.
  • There is a forum on the platform. Users communicate with each other and share experiences.
  • The man will be able to undergo psychological testing. The results will help you find the right bride.
  • High level of site reliability. For a long time, the candidate verification system has been created and improved. It took a lot of time to build an active audience. Safety rules are strictly followed.


WikiDating.ru is a free site for Russian dating. The service was created in 2003. A huge number of users from all over the world are registered here. A lot of profiles from single Russian girls have been posted. The site is focused on creating serious relationships.
Benefits of Wikidating.ru:
  1. Free site.
  2. A huge number of verified profiles of Russian girls.
  3. There is an active fight against bots.
  4. Truthful statistics about the work of the site.
  5. Built-in online translator.
  6. Regular updating of the news feed of the dating site.
  7. A list of online brides is displayed.
  8. An active and well-mannered audience.


Rusdate.net is a site for meeting Russian girls. The service was launched in 2008. The resource has received recognition among men from different countries.
Rusdate advantages:
  1. Possibility of placing the form of oanquets. These short videos help the girls to tell about themselves.
  2. There are regular polls and polls.
  3. There are voice greetings in the questionnaires.
  4. Moderators manually check each candidate’s profile.
  5. The search for a bride is performed by specifying criteria
  6. A mobile application has been created. The user can work on the site through a mobile phone. The service is installed on devices with the operating system Android and iOS.


LovePlanet is a famous Russian dating site. It appeared in 2005. Hundreds of Russian brides come here every day.
LovePlanet advantages:
  1. Fast and free registration.
  2. Simple interface.
  3. Advanced set of functions for finding dating.
  4. Huge audience.
  5. Various built-in applications.
The free version provides the following features:
  1. Posting personal photos. They are moderated. You won’t be able to post someone else’s picture.
  2. List of interests.
  3. Detailed user profile.
  4. Keeping a virtual diary.
  5. Advanced search engine.
  6. View the profiles of other members.
  7. Unlimited messaging.
The paid version provides the following privileges:
  1. Change the appearance of your account.
  2. Lack of advertising.
  3. Activation of the “invisible” mode.
  4. Conducting anonymous chats.
  5. Installing a filter for incoming messages.


Mamba is a Russian dating site. Users appreciate it for its reliability and safety. All conditions for virtual communication and acquiring Russian acquaintances are created here. There are many positive reviews about the work of this site on the Internet.
Benefits of Mamba:
  1. Free registration.
  2. A huge number of profiles from Russian girls.
  3. Detailed questionnaires. They help evaluate the candidate.
  4. Convenient functionality.
  5. There is no charge for messaging.
  6. Availability of a mobile application.
  7. Search by geolocation.
  8. Blocking intrusive users.
The free version allows you to:
  1. Correspond.
  2. Fill out the diary.
  3. See the profiles of other participants.
  4. Use built-in services.
  5. Change the status on the page.
Russian dating sites

Russian dating sites

For paid functionality, the following parameters are provided:
  1. Publishing your photo in the general feed.
  2. Raising the profile in the search.
  3. Exchange of virtual gifts.
  4. Placement of priority publications.

How to choose a site for Russian dating?

When choosing a site for Russian dating, a number of criteria are taken into account:
  1. The number of users. A large number of profiles increases the chances of a successful search.
  2. Audience intentions. Having candidates with serious goals. This criterion is indicated in the questionnaire.
  3. Free functionality. This parameter is estimated in advance.
  4. Candidate verification system. Identity is confirmed by phone, email, or by visiting the office.
  5. Efficiency of the support service.
  6. The presence of bots.
  7. The number of profiles from Russian girls. Determine the age limit of the audience and the main goals of communication.
  8. Technical equipment of the resource: external design, speed of opening pages, the presence of built-in services.
  9. The quality of the search engine. Possibility to set search criteria.
  10. Ways of communicating with girls: mail, messenger, chat.
  11. Availability of reliable reviews. Check the possibility of writing your own comment. Track the fact of posting a review.
  12. The presence of a function to hide the personal data of the applicant.
  13. Conducting various contests and quizzes. These events help the participants get to know each other better.
  14. Possibility of passing psychological tests. Based on the results, a suitable bride is selected.
  15. Audience activity. The dynamics of posting new profiles and photos on the site is assessed.
  16. Built-in translator. This program helps men from other countries communicate with Russian girls.
Good luck finding a Russian bride!

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