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Russian brides

Russian brides
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Russian brides attract men from different countries. Russian women have many virtues. They make good wives and caring mothers. Modern dating sites help to find a bride from Russia. What sites to choose to find a Russian girl?

10 best sites for finding a Russian bride

Ranking place Information

Free-Russian-Dating.NET (9,93)

177 Dislike 6

Free dating site for finding a Russian bride. The site has existed since 1999. 10 million profiles of Russian girls. Convenient search, online translator, round-the-clock support service.


WikiDating.ru (9,88)

165 Dislike 11

The site has been dating Russian brides since 2000. More than 8 million profiles of women from Russia and Ukraine. Free psychological tests, games and contests.


Rusdate.net (9,85)

150 Dislike 19

Free dating site for finding a Russian bride. The site has existed since 2011. A large number of profiles of Russian girls. One of the most popular Russian dating sites.


Loveplanet.ru (9,62)

139 Dislike 28


Lovemage.ru (9,53)

126 Dislike 38


Mamba.ru (9,34)

111 Dislike 46


Fdating.com (7,57)

99 Dislike 52


Coomeet.com (9,34)

85 Dislike 61


Russiancupid.com (8,75)

68 Dislike 70


Elenasmodels.com (7,57)

57 Dislike 77

Sites for finding a Russian bride

Choosing a site is not an easy task. The user must evaluate many criteria. The most popular sites for finding Russian brides are presented in this article.


Free-Russian-Dating.NETit is a reliable dating site for finding Russian girls. This platform appeared in 1999. Access to the site is provided free of charge.

Free-russian-dating.net has many advantages:

  • The service attracts users from different countries. Thousands of profiles from Russian girls are posted here.
  • Free functionality is provided for all applicants.
  • The portal helps to find a girl for a serious relationship.
  • The site is translated into 17 languages ​​of the world.
  • A lot of positive reviews about the work of this site are presented on the Internet. Free-russian-dating.net has been successfully helping single people for many years.
  • Moderators manually check user profiles. The database already contains more than 50 thousand real profiles.
  • The issue of safety remains a priority. Candidates undergo multilevel screening. The information in the questionnaire must correspond to reality. Moderators check country of residence and email address. The man must post a genuine photograph in the form.
  • The site has a user-friendly interface. Free translator helps people from different countries to have a conversation. Messages are sent by mail or messenger. Applicants can test and play a little. The main events are presented in the news feed.
  • Responsive support team helps around the clock.
  • Profile information can be hidden from outsiders.
  • Conversations are conducted in the chat.
  • Various criteria are indicated when looking for a bride from Russia.
  • The site works on a computer, smartphone and tablet.
  • The platform has a forum for the exchange of advice.
Russian brides

Russian brides


Rusdate.netinternational dating site for finding a Russian bride. The platform was created in 2008. The site specializes in Russian dating.

The Rusdate.net website has many advantages:

  • The questionnaires contain short videos. The user talks about himself.
  • Polls and polls are conducted on the platform regularly.
  • Candidates can post voice greetings.
  • Moderators manually check profiles and photos.
  • The search system helps to find a woman according to various criteria.
  • The site works on a mobile device. The mobile application is designed for Android and iOS.


WikiDating.rufree dating site with Russian brides. The platform has been operating since 2003. There are many positive reviews about the work of this site. The database contains thousands of profiles from users from Russia. Men from different countries are looking for a Russian woman here for a serious relationship.

The Wikidating.ru website has a number of advantages:

  • Free access is provided to all users.
  • Hundreds of real profiles are available in the database.
  • Each candidate undergoes a multilevel test.
  • Moderators eliminate bots.
  • Real statistics are presented on the site.
  • Free translator helps to overcome the language barrier.
  • Current events are presented in the news feed.


Coomeet.comhelps men from different countries in search of a Russian bride. The site appeared in 2011. Many single girls from Russia have created their profile here. Women make up the main audience of the site. Job seekers can participate in the affiliate program. The main task is to attract new users.

The Coomeet.com platform has the following advantages:

  • Dating begins after turning on the webcam.
  • The search for a candidate is carried out instantly.
  • The Next button will help you move on to the next conversation.
  • Registration in the system is not required.
  • Communication takes place in private.


Edarling — free dating site with Russian brides. The main audience is middle-aged people.

This Internet resource is represented on major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

The Edarling website has the following benefits:

  • The user-friendly interface and beautiful design attracts job seekers from different countries.
  • Pages load very quickly.
  • Users’ personal data are reliably protected.
  • A special algorithm selects a worthy girl. A compatibility assessment helps you do this quickly and efficiently.
  • Personal qualities and preferences are taken into account when choosing a partner.

Why are Russian brides so popular abroad?

Russian brides are popular in different countries. Girls from Russia have excellent qualities. What will a man like in a future Russian wife?

  • The beauty.

Attractive appearance is one of the main advantages of Russian women. The image of a Russian girl embodied a mixture of nationalities and cultures. Each lady looks different. She has a unique appearance and individual style. Men can choose a girl with any appearance on dating sites.

The Russian woman has a sense of style. She knows how to choose clothes for any occasion. The Russian wife looks decent at social events. The girl wears a stylish outfit even in a relaxed atmosphere.

Russian women know how to emphasize their natural beauty. They are adept at choosing makeup. The girl does not allow herself to go to work or on a date without makeup.

Ladies from Russia are watching the figure. They try to keep fit at any age.

  • Character.

Many men prefer to choose a woman not only on the basis of external features. A good character will be the foundation for a happy marriage. Russian brides know how to be faithful. There are many stories about the devotion of Russian women. They are ready to follow their man everywhere. A Russian wife will support her husband in any situation.

Some men did not have a positive experience with Russian girls. This gave rise to rumors of indifference on the part of the ladies. The man will have to be patient. Most women from Russia have faced abuse from their ex-husbands. A woman needs to get used to a new relationship. The husband must show serious intentions. Then the woman will start to trust him.

Most women from Russia are well versed in Western culture. The preferences of the spouses may overlap in many ways. The cultural divide will be the reason for the exchange of information. The spouses will gladly tell each other about the cultural traditions of their country.

  • Family life.

European women prioritize careers. They are in no hurry to start a family. Russian brides do not support this point of view. They dream of their own family from an early age. They play the role of mother and wife even in children’s games. But a Russian girl will not force a man to marry. These dreams will stay with her. She will wait for an offer from a man.

Why do Russian brides become wonderful wives?

Russian women become wonderful mothers. They are very fond of children and completely devote themselves to motherhood. The child will receive a decent upbringing and a good education.

In Russian families, the man is considered the head of the family. A Russian woman is ready to support this point of view in an international marriage. She will perceive her husband as her breadwinner and protector. The spouse will make important decisions on his own. But this will not prevent a woman from expressing her opinion.

Russian women are striving to get higher education. Many of them have several degrees. The woman is trying to keep her job until the baby is born. But family life will always come first for her. A career will not prevent this.

How to find a Russian bride

How to find a Russian bride

There is another stereotype about Russian women. They cook excellently and skillfully run the house. Men from different countries confirm this stereotype. The spouse will eat delicious homemade meals. The wife will collect food for work. Sandwiches and cheap food will disappear from the family menu.

Why do Russian women dream of international marriage?

Russian brides are famous for their charm and beauty. They visit international dating sites to find a loved one. What makes them look for husbands abroad? There are several reasons:

  • They are disappointed in the local men. They are looking for a person with a different mentality.
  • The economic and social situation in Russia raises concerns about financial stability. Women with children think about this often. Marrying a foreigner would be a great solution to this problem.
  • A loving nature requires new acquaintances.

What kind of men are Russian brides looking for?

Russian ladies are looking for caring men. Russian husbands are often rude and lazy. The woman has to run the household herself. Marrying a man from another country would be a good option.

A woman dreams of creating a strong family. Relationships without obligations do not interest her. Children, a cozy home and a beloved husband are her priority desires.

What do Russian women expect from international marriage?

  • A husband must love his wife and be faithful to her.
  • The spouse should devote time to the family.
  • Sincerity and honesty will become the mainstay of a long-term relationship.
  • A man should be versatile.
  • Spouses must respect each other.
  • True feelings are confirmed by actions.

The first meeting with a Russian bride should be an interesting and memorable event. At the beginning of a relationship, the initiative should come from the man. He must show interest in his chosen one. Mutual feelings will help in creating new relationships.

The woman will gladly tell about her country. Russian culture is a very interesting topic.

How much does it cost to meet a Russian bride?

A man should think about his budget before meeting a bride. Finding a beloved girl from Russia requires financial costs.

Main expenses:

  • Payment to a dating agency. Dating sites will help you find a bride for free.
  • Travel and accommodation in Russia: plane tickets, hotel room rent, travel expenses and meals.
  • Translation services.
  • Visa application. The document is being prepared within a few weeks.

Guide to Finding the Perfect Russian Bride

Useful tips to impress a Russian girl:

  • Women love to receive flowers and gifts for no reason.
  • Pleasant surprises always make a loved one happy.
  • A man should respect the bride and her family.
  • Intimate relationships before marriage can offend a lady.
  • Dating sites help build serious relationships.
  • Honesty and sincerity will help win a girl’s heart.
  • Any relationship takes patience. Partners must work on themselves.

Good luck finding a Russian bride!

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